About OrchardWorks

We are OrchardWorks – makers of the world’s finest magic wands!

Ed and Janet started this little company in May of 2011, and have been enjoying an amazing ride into the world of custom magic wandmaking.  We have amassed a huge collection of different woods and a customer base that spans the whole globe.  Thousands upon thousands of our magic wands have gone to delight young witches and wizards all over the world!

“But you used to be on Etsy, right?”

Etsy has been great for us, and don’t worry – our Etsy shop is still there.  Our magic wands are available on Amazon, too, and in person at various events.  This new site is just a better way for us to connect directly with everyone, especially in the mobile world!

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Who we are:  Ed is an aerospace engineer, and Janet is a chemical engineer.  They live in northeastern Connecticut with their five kids, two cats, and one adorable little dog.