Custom Wands

Do you want to design your very own custom wand?

If you have been assigned a wand, and you want to have the real wood wand just like it, we can do that for you!

We offer all the most popular magic wand woods – over 115 species in all, and we’re always collecting more..  Just tell us your wood type, exact desired length, and any style details such as the shapes, colors and engravings.  For your convenience, we have made some figures that show different designs by number, so you can just select that style – or we can design something completely unique.

We’ll be glad to make a custom listing just for you, so send us your notes and drawings, and you can have the wand of your dreams! Use your imagination and our wand-making skills to get yourself the perfect wand from scratch.

Here’s some helpful guidelines:

1 – Pick your wood – see the list below.

2 – Design your Handle and Pommel (tip of handle)

3 – Pick a “Waist” or other feature in the middle

4 – Design the Shaft of the wand (the long part)

5 – Pick your finish… gloss or semi-gloss? Want it the natural wood color?  Stained black, brown, gray, or red?  Some other colors?  Our water-based stains offer any color you like.

6 – Does your wand need any custom engravings or carvings?

Share your thoughts with us to craft a wand that is uniquely yours!

*Please note – Our shipping costs are separate and overseas rates can go up unexpectedly. This is a reflection of the cost charged by the USPS. Please note that our shipping does NOT cover any import fees or VAT/Customs duties which may be charged by your own government. As the buyer, you may be responsible for these fees upon your item’s arrival. We have no means of collecting them as part of your purchase.

Made in USA.

Looking for a plastic or resin formed wand? Then sorry – this isn’t for you. These aren’t cookie-cutter lathe-turned wands, either – we never use a lathe! Each wand we make is solid wood, completely hand-crafted, and totally unique – no two are ever alike.

Plenty more custom options are also available, just send us an email and we’ll be glad to tailor a wand to your exact specifications.

Wood Species

We typically offer the following wood species:  

Elder • Willow • Elm • Alder • Linden • Cherry • Mahogany • Sycamore • Cypress • Apple • Holly • Redheart • Purpleheart • Laurel • Ebony (Gabon and Black-&-White) • Bloodwood • Bubinga • Yew • Cocobolo • Fir • Cedar (Eastern Red, Aromatic, & Spanish) • Acacia • Dogwood • Rosewood (Indian, Honduran, Bolivian) • Basswood • Poplar • Vine • Lignum-Vitae (Argentinian & real Guayacan) • Black Palm • Walnut • Rowan • Maple (Rock/Sugar, Curly or Birds-Eye) • Larch • Hawthorn • Chakte Viga • Magnolia • Fig • Blackthorn • Pear • Beech • Zebrawood • Marblewood • Lacewood • Satinwood • Birch • Hemlock • Tulip • Aspen • Ash • Hickory • Chestnut • Silver Lime • Hazel • Spruce • Witch Hazel • Briar • Eucalyptus • Wenge • Rhododendron • Lilac • Black Walnut • Oak (English, Brown, Red, or White) • Mountain Ash • Ziricote • Weeping Willow • Diamond Willow • Wild Rose • Wild Cherry • Crab Apple • Redwood (Sequoia) • Tulipwood (Brazilian & Madagascar) • Hornbeam • Snakewood • Almond • Plum • Rainbow / Tulip Poplar • Ironwood (Surinamese) • Bocote • Flame Birch • Reclaimed Victorian Poplar, Fir, and Chestnut

Please note:  Some limitations can exist due to the amount or length of available pieces of certain woods.

Design Reference Gallery (click on images to enlarge)

These are primarily to serve as a reference. Feel free to mix and match design elements (the handle from 1 wand, the shaft of another) when you describe your personal wand, or describe something that is uniquely your own. Each wand is handmade to your specifications.

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