13 1/2 inch English Oak Magic Wand designed by Ian


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13 3/4 inch English Oak wood.

(My rough sketch below for visual aid) From the bottom of the wand to the tip

  • a flat pommel with a ring through it so you can attach feathers. We can do a little eye hook which would screw into the end, or we could use a ring which went through the base of the pommel. On the bottom of the pommel you want a series of evenly spaced rings to be engraved into it covering the entirety of the pommel. The wand gently begins to curve, where the curve starts, you want spirals for the rest of the handle down to the waist. The curve of the handle is to be more dramatic than the drawing I’ve attached. Spirals to be smoother, like the black wand in the gallery picture.  The handle feeds into a pockmarked ball, then into a straight shaft, which also has a spiral, but of the kind in the purple wand. After the spiral, there are your initials D.D.. then there is one wave (that has a feather burned into it which curves a bit around the wand) which ends in a smaller bulb and finally the tip of the wand.
  • stained black on the handle to where the second spiral ends. Second smaller bulb stained red.
  • will take around 8 weeks to make 6/262018



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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 3 x 2 in


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