Custom wand and box for Connor, Elder wood 10 3/4 inches


custom Elder wood wand for Conner, a wand for arcane talent and knowledge

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Thanks so much for requesting a quote. 10 3/4 inch Elder wand, shaped similar to Mundungus’ wand and around the pommel are engraved with gold & blue letter with attached glyphs. Overall, very straight. Wand should have a feeling of arcane talent and knowledge. Other arcane symbols, glyphs, or runes along the length. Brown stain. (sounds lovely) Pine box with engravings supplied in email. Same stain as wand.

The cost would be $85, due to the engraving time and the cost of elder wood.

A note about Elder wood. A very fragile wood. This wand would weigh about as much as a pencil. I feel confident we can carve it, engrave it, and finish it without mishap, but I would recommend that the wand’s owner use a case for transport, and treat wand as delicate yet powerful tool.

Wand will take approximately 8 weeks after payment to complete.

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 2 in


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