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Hand Carved Magic Wands

Hand Carved Magic WandsHand Carved Magic WandsHand Carved Magic WandsHand Carved Magic Wands

Which one will choose you?



Hand carved wands, made with over 140 different wood types in Stafford Springs, Conn., USA.

This is our little online hand carved wooden magic wand shop. Choose your wand, let your wand choose you, or design your special custom wand.  

About Us

What is OrchardWorks?

We are your one-stop shop for custom magic wands. Starting at just $35, you can have your very own custom wand - usually made in just 6-8 weeks! We can make countless different styles in over 140 different types of wood - and we never use a lathe!

We know quality and value are important to you, and your happiness is important to us!

Custom ordering is simple:  Email us using the form above or direct at  Tell us about your wand's wood, length, color, style, etc. We will get back to you (usually within a day) with the price and timeline. Once we agree, we send you an invoice to pay and then we begin making your wand! 

Upcoming Events!

Not officially cancelled as of now. We will update as necessary. 

WizardWorld, Philadephia, PA 6/19 - 6/21/2020

ConnectiCon, Hartford, CT 7/10 - 7/12/2020

Who Makes These Wands?

Ed is an aerospace engineer by day, moonlighting in the workshop handling wand design, custom shaping work, and overseeing all of the woods and tools that we use.  Janet works full time shaping, finishing, & delivering our wands to delighted customers all over the world.

Together we have cultivated one of the world's finest custom wand-making ventures. Every piece we make is completely unique, hand-carved & finished in our century-old workshop. We love interacting with our customers and helping make their prized gifts & possessions come to life! We have tens of thousands of individual wands to our credit, as well as countless bulk sales, and exclusive specialty jobs, too.

So if you want something tailored to your own personal tastes, just let us know! 

Ed & Janet - OrchardWorks  

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