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OrchardWorks is your home for the finest hand-carved, real wood magic wands available.  We never use a lathe – EVER! All our wands are 100% hand-shaped and hand-finished. Every wand is in our hands for each step of its creation.

We stock over 140 wood varieties from all over the world, including exotics like Snakewood, Blackthorn, Ebony, Hazel, Laurel, Hornbeam, and many more!

email OrchardWorksCT@gmail.com

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Looking for a plastic or resin formed wand? Then sorry – our wands aren’t for you 🙂  These aren’t cookie-cutter lathe-turned or CNC-machined wands, either. Each of our wands is solid wood, completely hand-crafted, and totally unique – no two are ever alike.

Custom orders are always available, just send us an email and we’ll be glad to tailor a wand to your exact specifications.


Please note – we are not affiliated in any way with Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, JK Rowling, or the Harry Potter books or movies franchise.